Story WIP *Don’t copy*

Hey readers, Baconmaster here again.  Today, I am leaving you with an excerpt from my story that’s being worked on.  I ask that you do not steal it for your own personal story.  But after 12 hours here is the first 2 parts.  If you can Rate it on a scale of ten and leave a comment to help with future excerpts.



I was questioned by a man no higher than 6 feet wearing an all black suit. “Why Are you here?”  It was impossible to not respond with the cold gun pressed to my back.  I spat on the ground in disapproval. He muttered something in mandarin as a force as strong as the wind hit my head and the lights blurred into sirens.  

It started out 2 years ago, the news blaring about china’s warmongering and a new outbreak in California.  I was at the time, young, arrogant,broke, and a poor father.  I had to send my 7 year old daughter out to my sister, as finding a job was hard.  There were no jobs for an ex-special forces commander in the city of New York.  I was poorer every day due to this.  Everyday it would force me to look for a job.  I eventually found a job offer, but it had me leaving to the sunny state of California.  

(7:00 A.M [CTZ] Midwest)

I looked back towards New York, my childhood home, thinking of all the memories.  Like a bell striking on the old church steeples, my fear of aircraft recurred, ringing its sound for all to hear.  A woman looked back at me with questioning shown on her face.  I had a flashback to my old life, serving with the team that helped me once or twice. Samuel the weapons specialist, mike the analysis, Carly our navigator, and myself the leader.  Our task force went about ending russian and chinese terrorism, but now it seemed all was lost.  Our plane was shot down and we were held captive as the U.S released prisoners to the government of Iran to attain our crew.  Discharged we all went separate ways but pledged to get back.  I started to fall asleep trying to keep calm to the turbulent ridden aircraft.


(8:00 Pm WTZ] west)

 The plane rode amongst the dark storm clouds like a makeshift raft when it sails on high tide.  There was a constant pittering emitted by the rain hitting the plane’s fuselage.  The Pilot came  but was cut out quickly by crashes of thunder.  Although faint I made out welcome to California.

An attendant walked by ignoring those needing service worried of something.  Out of the dark sky several lights approached hurtling towards the plane.  I sat back as the air masks dropped.  Why now?  All I can remember is the concussive blast ripping the fuelselage apart as i was rendered unconscious by a food tray.  I woke up, without any context of time and place.  The only thing i see is water right outside the aircraft.  I drank my heart out until hearing a truck pull up to the wreckage site.  Gunshots were fired following its stop.  I dived in the water unaware of the blood loss I incurred.  The pressure forcing me to resurface from the deep pond.  I had my first glimpse of who was attacking the Coastline.  They radioed out and left.  Resurfacing I


One thought on “Story WIP *Don’t copy*

  1. Thanks ya,ll who have read this and liked It. This helps add in some feedback. I am about halfway through My first book of the series. Originally, the plan was for English but now it is to be extended thx to y’all. And pleas note that you don’t associate this with the Division game. A.) Not New York
    and B.) This is a war rather than virus aftermath battle. Thanks again, Baconmaster.


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