I’m Back :)

Hello dear readers Baconmaster here.  I’m back from vacation.  you are probably wondering what i did while on vacation.  First of all the place i went to was in the Wisconsin north-woods and called Woodlands.  It was a north-woods resort on Plum Lake comprising of several cabins and access to the lake.  I started fishing on the second night looking towards catching anything.  Shortly after one-o-clock however, a snapping turtle decided to sneak closely behind me on the dock.  A little bit later I decided to stop for the night.  I heard a hiss as I approached the dock’s entrance, causing me to turn on the lantern that I had.  To my surprise a Huge 18-20 inch snapping turtle was there hissing at me and trying to protect her recently nest which was 10 yards back.  My father was on a nearby dock and noticed my lantern flash on.  He looked over and saw the turtle and rushed over with a pole.  He poked the turtle as it kept there hissing at me.  Then he took a photo, which surprisingly the  turtle hated. It slipped away as life returned back to normal for me.

Now that I’m back, I shall be posting 2-3 times a week.


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