Welcome Back

Hello mmy dear readers baconmaster here.  Now that the air is “slowly” warming, I have been able to go outside with a coat.  But anyway, I got to help my aunt move into a family home instead of her apartment.  It was difficult, especially When trying to move a loaded file cabinet down stairs with a curve.

Then I went down south for easter and celebrated with several family members in The Chicago Suburbs.  It was fun down there, and warmer.  Of course since we were down there we had the biannual egg hunt.  It was a challenge yet I believe my sister had the hardest time trying to figure out a clue so I had to wait to go inside for 20 minuets until she found it.  Later on Monday My family came back to Milwaukee.  We got to relax, along with some shopping.  Finnaly on Saturday I had to go to my cousin’s birthday party along with annoying the turkeys there with our turkey calls.

But any way since I have to go I want to ask is, “How was your Easter Weekend?”

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