happy holidays 2014-2015 # :)

Hello to all of the readers, and welcome to Bacon Master’s blog.  Christmas this year was absolutely the best.  Everybody in my family is happy, including me.  The holidays started out with Christmas Eve, spending time with family, eating our appetizers, and giving gifts.  the next day on Christmas morning we followed our tradition of waiting till our mom and dad woke up to see what we got.  I ended up with a lot of licensed badger apparel some books including the Star Wars Trilogy and the Blood of Olympus.  Along with that we opened family gifts which included an ornament and a Wii U.  Finally the holiday season had ended with new year’s eve.  During the day of new years eve i went hunting with my father.  it felt good to be in the wooded marsh we went to despite it being rough on the knees.  Since we had no luck we decided to test out the new gun my dad got.  See link here.  Testing it out it had less recoil compared to my dad’s 12 gauge shotgun.  Then we went home to make dinner and celebrate the new year.


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