Concert night is a Wednesday night.

Yawn, good-morning readers.  As you may know from the title, tonight is another concert for me.  Ok so about my week.  Well lets see on Friday I worked on my homework and played RISK against my father and sister.  I was good a it, somewhat good.  Originally my two enemies had teamed up to take me out quickly, but that wouldn’t work for a while.  I held Africa, Australia and South Asia.  Eventually my dad took canada claiming North America while my sister started her reign against me.  I was soon cornered into Siam and Australia.  My dad decided to attack Japan to move more troops into china.  It was a 28 to 3 ratio and it finally ended with his remaining 7 troops.  [ I swear those defenders dice were rigged somehow.]  But then He attacked my sister who was looking to get me.  [A Betrayal!]  Then It turned to all out war allowing me to take back several areas lost and turn in three cards for 35 armies. 🙂  By time we called it a game it was 1:00 am on Saturday and my dad had won the army count by one cannon over my sister.

Question of the day: What is your favorite family game moment?

And remember have a safe and happy holidays this season from BaconMasters Blog.


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