My extraordinary weekend

Good evening my good viewers.  Sorry for not posting over the Thanksgiving weekend, but it was crazy.  Firstly, on Tuesday I took my temperature after having that stomach ache and headache finding it to be over 100.0 xP.  I told my mother and she told me that I need to lay down a while and would be home from school.  So I did that, passing out from 6:14 to 7:45.  Honestly I was still feeling out of it at the time so I just rested on the couch while working on my research paper.  Then after a few hours i heated up a cup of soup around 11:00.  Around 1:00 my dad came from hunting to check on me.  Feeling much better the thermometer was reading 98.5 this time.

Alright so the next day is Thanksgiving, which was a blast!  Honestly, the best part was being with family as we said prayers, sat down, and ate.  To me I was lucky because of how I got to sit between my dad’s two cousins and my “invisible” Uncle Carl.  The reason as to why we noted him as “invisible” was due to how he was working at the hospital and we had a place for him.  So, over all I would have to say that my “invisible” Uncle Carl ate the most as he had a platter of turkey, mashed potatoes and a gravy boat on his plate.

Then came the mingling and games that we usually did.  My dad’s two cousins had brought a card game that was essentially a card battle game with marvel heroes and villains.  Their goal at the beginning was to build up on attack.  However I built up up more on recruit power.  So by time we completed 8 rounds I had 3 legendary attackers and 5 sub recruiters.

Then My dad and I left towards Crivitz Wisconsin to go deer hunting which was very fun.  First we checked in to the motel room that was actually a very descent hotel, in which we didn’t have to go to get food every night.  Then we got our semi-good night of sleep.  After waking up we got ready for hunting  which took about 20 minutes including the drive out to the site.  We would hike around every day coming back to our base camp to warm up or revitalize our stamina.  So this would keep continuing till our last day where we fond a dead deer carcass lying on the side of a road.  After following it’s tracks we found a deer laying dead from a gunshot dropping it instantly.  Sadly the deer only had its hind quarters,antlers, and tenderloin taken causing it to just be there soaking the snow with blood causing a wolf to scout the area before we found the carcass.


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