Epic gaming

Hurray!  Oh hello my fellow bloggers, I finally did it.  I defeated a boss by myself.  After 10 whole minutes, and 17 people lost, I was the last person left in the game facing the lord pumpkin holiday boss.  After about 15 hard minutes of fighting and avoiding minions/lava walls I beat the event with one leg remaining and received $1450 in the game which I spent on an awesome sniper rifle.  In theory he is just a large jack-o-lantern who spews fire bombs and creates fire walls and minions, but he is powerful.  The creator of the game originally put him with 5 million health.  After helping him beta test with most of the admins of the game, we concluded that no one could beat the boss at this much health.  Eventually, after an hour of edits, the creator edited the game, putting the boss with only 500000 health.  this proved much better for the creator and us were actually able to beat the game.

178px-Lord_Pumpkin2A logo for the new updates.

From the wiki:


  • Lavawave – This only affects the lower platform and kills most of the players as they camp near the ammo box located there
  • Exploding fireballs – The aiming is as poor as a firebreather’s spit because it does not re-adjust and only shoots in the direction it is looking
  • Spawn minions – Summons Soul Fetchers to drag you into the lava occasionally
  • Laugh uncontrollably? – Induces fear

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