World series starts tonight (GO ROYALS)

Yes, go Royals!!! Beat the Giants!

Major League Bloging post

Today will begin the 110th annual world series. A dynasty v.s a cinderella, Giants v.s Royals. The Giants have guys like Palo Sandoval and Buster Posey that can hit the ball mixed with talented pitchers like Madison Bumgarner and dominant closer Sergio Romo. I can see why some people like them, however I’m all for the underdogs. The Royals are one of the teams that no one thought would be in to begin with. They ay not have power, but they have speedy guys like Lorenzo Cain and Noricka Aoki. They also have pitchers like James Shields and closer Greg Holland. I’m going for the Royals win. Who do you wan to win? I’ll see you all later.

Go Royals!!!!!!!!!! Go Royals!!!!!!!!!!

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