Lost in Space

Here is a tricky question for today.  One day you are flying to Mars and your ship breaks down.  Now you are stranded on Mars.  To make things worse you must collect and protect your research from the unfamiliar terrain or the original mission is doomed.  What five items would you bring with your Space Exploration Suit?

Please put answers in the comment section.


7 thoughts on “Lost in Space

  1. Hmm, needs some thought. 1) A bunch of cake mix 2) some meds if the raw cake mix makes me barf 3) more cake mix (or raw cookie dough) 4) Coke 5) a toilet+plumbing (what im an enviormentalist, even on mars).

    {By the way I would hide an extra spaceship in the cookie dough. Eat everything, wait a few hours, then use proper plumbing to harvest it. BOOSH FULL PLANED AWESOME STUFFS SUCKA} Now I just need a way to fit oxygen in there hmm..

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  2. I honestly would bring: Water supplying for about two years; About five years of oxygen; A portable radio able to connect for a rescue mission; Building tools to scrap my ships remains into shelter; And about ten years supply of food that doesn’t expire.

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