A Short Story: Sci fi

Apocalypse Survivors  

It was late march as a scientist poured a vile of liquid into a beaker.  “It is done.” The scientist said.  “My new disability serum is done.”  He mixed it one last time and set it on the counter to test tomorrow.  “Goodnight Fluffy” he said to his hamster, his brown and fluffy hamster.  He walked into his dimly lighted bedroom as he looked at the clock.  12:00a.m it read as he went to bed, forgetting to feed his hamster.  The hamster opened his cage and let out a few squeaks.  He then climbed the truss to the cabinet with his food.  Hungrily he scampered to get it, knocking down a yellow vile into the beaker.  As the hamster started eating the beaker turned from a purple liquid into a green gas.  With the beaker completely empty the hamster fell on its side and fidgeted uncontrollably.

A toxicity alarm was set off waking up the scientist.  He got up as the clock sang tick-tock-one-o-clock.  The scientist opened the lab and noticed everything.  He coughed twice then started spitting blood.  His vision was now doubled and he gaped for air.  With his last breath he shouted, “What have I done!”  Then like his hamster, he fell over and fidgeted.  However, the hamster’s eyes were now dark red.  He got up and scurried through vents and into the rooms of an apartment above the lab, biting any person available.  Those people now shared the fate of the scientist, fidgeting uncontrollable.

There was one kid however,  on top of the roof.  It was me young Frank Isle.  As the hamster approached from the ventilation duct, I grabbed a board.  I swung at the hamster, knocking the rodent down to the ground four stories beneath me.  I laid the board between the two roofs of the hotels, and fixed my semi-long brown hair.  “What else is there now?” I said questioning myself.  Then there was a loud “crash!” causing me to turn towards the door.  I asked towards the door, “Kall is that you?”  Kall was my childhood friend and “partner in crime”.  No matter what I did, Kall would always be there helping me.

There was a long pause as I waited for an answer.  Then he replied, “She is coming.”  I didn’t need to ask who, she, was.  She, as we called her, was our next door neighbor who watched us while my parents were at work or any special work related event.  “Hey Frank, she’s much slower, her skin is grayish, and her eyes are red.” Kall said timidly alerting me.  There was screams from below in the streets then traffic came to a stop as people swarmed the streets running from other people matching the description that Kall had just alerted him about.



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