Future Goals: the Tele-porter

Hi this is Bacon Master.

There are lots of things that you might want to know about me.  There are many future goals in my life, like my goal to become an engineer.  I want to become an engineer when I grow up.  There are many ideas that I have that I hope to create in the near future.  I  believe that my toughest idea that I have is a teleportation system.  in my diagrams I have every thing planned out. that is except for the teleportation aspect.  in theory to finish the idea and make a working prototype I would have to figure out a way to take apart matter, teleport, and reconstruct it.



2 thoughts on “Future Goals: the Tele-porter

  1. I like this idea, you are definitely gonna go places Andrew. I have no doubt that your ideas will take you places! As for this idea, all I have to say is if you want to really pull though with this one, you would be a Einstein II! + you already are really smart, so your on your way!Good Luck and nice post!=)

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